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Swimming pools throughout the Eastbay/Central Valley need to be cleaned weekly. Pool service offered by Wrigley’s Pool Co. ensures an enjoyable experience. Whether swimming laps or having a party, the pool will always be safe and clean to use. Your pool will be both inviting and relaxing for friends and family. On a weekly basis, our professional service technician will clean the pool, balance the water, and check the equipment. We also offer our weekly customers pool filter cleaning. Both D.E. filters and cartridge filters on the pool should be cleaned on a regular basis. If there is ever a problem with the filter or any other piece of equipment, we repair equipment as well.

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Pool Drain And Restart & Hot Tub Drain And Cleans

From Green to Clean

Some chemicals build up over time in a swimming pool and Spa. Although these chemicals can be removed from the water, sometimes it is best to drain the water. Fresh water can then be added to the pool or hot tub. While empty a fiberglass spa can be cleaned before being refilled. One of our restoration pool services such as a pool polishing can also be performed while empty. We recommend draining and cleaning hot tubs every few months. Every year or so a portion of the swimming pool should be replenished with fresh water. Filter cleaning can also be performed at this time. Our drain and restart pool services help keep your pool clean and safe.

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Home Pool Inspections and Orientation Pool Services

For pool owners in the East Bay area, we offer a verbal home pool inspection. This is one of the most cost-effective pool services for home buyers and sellers. Both parties should know the condition of the swimming pool when negotiating a price. A verbal pool inspection is also a great service for new homeowners who wish to understand their pool and the equipment. If a pool owner wishes to service their own pool, we can help. Our pool and spa orientations are a great tool for DIY pool owners. From basic water chemistry to filter cleaning, we will explain and teach how to take care of their own pool and spa. Wrigley’s Pool Co. can help you take care of your pool. We do not offer training with equipment installation or repairs.

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At Wrigley's Pool Co., we understand that every pool is unique, which is why we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you're a homeowner looking to keep your backyard oasis in top condition or a business owner in need of reliable commercial pool services, call us at 925-478-POOL, we've got you covered.

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